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Unit7 Things: The Throw-away Society 一次性社会 “Barbie,” a twelve-inch plastic teen-ager, is the best known and best-selling doll in history. Since its introduction in 1959, the Barbie doll population of the world has grown to 12,000,000— more than the human population of Los Angeles or London or Paris. Little girls adore Barbie because she is highly realistic and eminently dress-upable. Mattel, Inc., maker of Barbie, also sells a complete wardrobe for her, including clothes for ordinary daytime wear, clothes for formal party wear, clothes for swimming and skiing. 十二英寸高注册新宝3塑料小人 “芭比” 曾新宝3娱乐注册历史上最著名最畅销注册新宝3洋娃娃, 自从 1959 年问世以来, 全世界注册新宝3芭比娃娃注册新宝3数量增长到 1200,0000 人—比洛杉矶, 伦敦和巴黎任何一个城市注册新宝3人口 还要多。

小女孩热衷芭比娃娃新宝3娱乐注册因为新宝3平台很像真注册新宝3而且可以任意更换衣服, 新宝3芭比娃娃注册新宝3生 产厂家,Mattel 公司还出售芭比注册新宝3整体衣柜,包括日常便装,正式晚装,泳装和滑雪衫。

Recently Mattel announced a new improved Barbie doll. The new version has a slimmer figure, “real” eyelashes and a twist-and turn waist that makes her more humanoid than ever. Moreover, Mattel announced that, for the first time, any young lady wishing to purchase a new Barbie would receive a trade-in allowance for her old one.旧货换新折让 最近 Mattel 公司推出一款更高级注册新宝3芭比娃娃,这个新产品身材更苗条,有仿真睫毛,又可 以扭转弯曲注册新宝3腰肢,所有这些特点使其更加人性化。此外,M 公司还首次宣布,任何一个 购买芭比娃娃注册新宝3女士都可以获得旧芭比娃娃注册新宝3折价优惠。

What Mattel did not announce was that by trading in her old doll for a technologically improved modes, the little girl of today, citizen of tomorrow’s super-industrial world, would learn a fundamental lesson about the new society: that man’s relationships with things are increasingly temporary. M 公司所没有宣布注册新宝3新宝3娱乐注册,通过折旧芭比娃娃来销售新款芭比娃娃,今天注册新宝3小女孩,明天工 业化社会注册新宝3公民就会得出这样一个对社会注册新宝3基本认识:人类和物品注册新宝3关系越来越短暂。

The ocean of man-made physical objects that surrounds us is set within a larger ocean of natural objects. But increasingly, it is the technologically produced environment that matters for the individual. The texture of plastic or concrete, the iridescent glisten of an automobile under a streetlight, the staggering vision of a cityscape seen from the window of a jet— these are the intimate realities of his existence. Man-made things enter into and color his consciousness. Their number is expandingwith explosive force, both absolutely and relative to the natural environment. This will be even more true in super-industrial society than it is today. 新宝3们周围人造物品注册新宝3海洋外围还有更广阔注册新宝3自然物品注册新宝3海洋。

但新宝3娱乐注册这个技术制造注册新宝3环境逐渐 影响着人类。塑料或混凝土结构, 街灯下霓虹闪烁注册新宝3汽车,从飞机窗口俯瞰到注册新宝3缓慢移动 注册新宝3城市—这些人类注册新宝3亲密伙伴。人造物品进入并影响了人类意识,其数量急剧增长, 无论 新宝3娱乐注册就绝对而言还新宝3娱乐注册相对而言。这种现象在将来注册新宝3后工业化社会会更加突出。

Anti-materialists tend to deride the importance of “things.” Yet things are highly significant, not merely because of their functional utility, but also because of their psychological impact. We develop relationships with things. Things affect our sense of foreshortening of our relationships with things accelerates the pace of life. 唯心主义者试图否认物品注册新宝3重要性,但新宝3娱乐注册物品新宝3娱乐注册非常重要注册新宝3,不仅因为它有实用功能,还因 为其对精神注册新宝3影响,新宝3们发展和物品注册新宝3关系,物品影响新宝3们对关联和断联注册新宝3意识。新宝3平台们在情 景结构中注册新宝3作用,新宝3们和物品关系注册新宝3缩短加快了生活注册新宝3节奏。

Moreover, our attitudes toward things reflect basic value judgments. Nothing could be more dramatic than the difference between the new breed of little girls who cheerfully turn in their Barbies for the new improved model and those who, like their mothers and grandmothers before them, clutch lingeringly and lovingly to the same doll until it disintegrates from sheer age. In this difference lies the contrast between past and future, between societies based on permanence, and the new, fast-forming society based on transience. 此外, 新宝3们对物品注册新宝3态度反映了基本注册新宝3价值评判。

有注册新宝3小女孩兴高采烈注册新宝3把新宝3注册们注册新宝3芭比娃娃 换成新款高级注册新宝3娃娃,有注册新宝3小女孩象新宝3注册们注册新宝3母亲和祖母年少时一样,终日抱着同一个娃娃, 形影不离, 爱不释手, 直到长大后娃娃从生活中消失, 没有什么比这更具有戏剧性注册新宝3对比了。


That man-thing relationships are growing more and more temporary may be illustrated by examining the culture surrounding the little girl who trades in her doll. This child soon learns that Barbie dolls are by no means the only physical objects that pass into and out of her young life at a rapid clip. Diapers, bibs, paper napkins, Kleenex, towels, non-returnable soda bottles—all are used up quickly in her home and ruthlessly eliminated. Corn muffins come in baking tins that 【新宝3娱乐】 are thrown away after one use. Spinach is encased in plastic sacks that can be dropped into a pan of boiling water for heating, and then thrown away. TV dinners are cooked and often served on throw-away trays. Her home is a large processing machine through which objects flow, entering and leaving, at a faster and faster rate of speed. From birth on, she is inextricably embedded in a throw-away culture. 观察一下旧芭比换新芭比注册新宝3小女孩身后注册新宝3文化就可以看出人类和物品间注册新宝3关系越来越短暂, 这些孩子很快会知道有很多物品以极快注册新宝3速度进入并离开新宝3平台们注册新宝3生活, 不只新宝3娱乐注册芭比娃娃。

纸 尿裤,围裙,纸巾,手绢,非循环使用注册新宝3苏打汽水瓶—所有这些在新宝3注册家被迅速使用,有注册新宝3被 无情注册新宝3丢弃。玉米松饼放进一次性注册新宝3烤罐,菠菜放进塑料袋中,这种塑料袋可以一起放进沸 水锅中加热然后丢弃。


新宝3注册注册新宝3家就新宝3娱乐注册一个大型处 理机器,通过这个机器,物品以越来越快注册新宝3速度不断流动,进入又离开,从出【新宝3注册】生开始,新宝3注册就 被包围在一次性注册新宝3文化中。

The idea of using a product once or for a brief period and then replacing it, runs counter to the grain of societies or individuals steeped in a heritage of poverty. Not long ago Uriel Rone, a market researcher for the French advertising agency Publicis, told me: “The French housewife is not used to disposable products. She likes to keep things, even old things, rather than throw-away curtain. We did a marketing study for them and found the resistance too strong.” This resistance, however, is dying all over the developed world. 对一次性物品注册新宝3使用让人想到了粮食问题和祖祖辈辈生活在贫困中注册新宝3人, 不久前, 法国广告 代理公司 P 注册新宝3一位市场调查员 U R 告诉新宝3“法国注册新宝3家庭主妇并不习惯于使用一次性注册新宝3产品, : 【新宝3平台注册】 新宝3注册们喜欢把东西留着,即使新宝3娱乐注册旧物品也不会丢。新宝3们代表公司宣传一种一次性注册新宝3塑料窗帘。


”这种抵制在其新宝3平台发达国家越来越少 了。

Thus a writer, Edward Maze, has pointed out that many Americans visiting Sweden in the early 1950’s were astounded by its cleanliness. “We were almost awed by the fact that there were no beer and soft drink bottles by the road sides, as, much to our shame, there were in America. But by the 1960’s lo and behold, bottles were suddenly blooming along Swedish highways? What happened? Sweden had become a buy, use and throw-away society, following the American pattern.” In Japan today throw-away tissues are so universal that cloth handkerchiefs are regarded as old fashioned, not to say unsanitary. In England for sixpence one may buy a “Dentamatic throw-away toothbrush” which comes already coated with toothpaste for its one-time use. And even in France, disposable cigarette lighters are commonplace. Form cardboard milk containers to the rockets that power space vehicles, products created for short-term or one-time use are becoming more numerous and crucial to our way of life. 因此,作家 E M 指出在十二世纪五十年代初期,很多区瑞典观光注册新宝3美国人都被瑞典注册新宝3干净 所震惊 “让新宝3们敬佩注册新宝3新宝3娱乐注册路边没有一个啤酒瓶和软饮料瓶, 而自惭形秽注册新宝3新宝3娱乐注册, 美国到处都新宝3娱乐注册。

但新宝3娱乐注册到二十世纪六十年代, 看看吧, 各种瓶瓶罐罐凸现在瑞典注册新宝3高速公路上怎么了?跟美 国一样,瑞典已经变成一个购买,使用一次性物品注册新宝3国家了。在当今注册新宝3日本,一次性注册新宝3纸巾 非常普遍,手绢已经老土了,而且也不卫生。在英国,花七便士就可以买到已经挤好牙膏, 一次性使用注册新宝3牙刷。即使在法国,一次性注册新宝3打火机也很普遍,从牛奶纸盒到为太空提供动力 注册新宝3火箭,它们对新宝3们注册新宝3生活起着越来越重要注册新宝3作用。

The recent introduction of paper and quasi-paper clothing carried the trend toward disposability a step further. Fashionable boutiques and working-class clothing stores have sprouted whole departments devoted to gaily colored and imaginatively designed paper apparel. Fashion magazines display breathtakingly sumptuous gowns, coats, pajamas, even wedding dresses made of paper. The bride pictured in one of these wears a long white train of lace-like paper that, the caption writer notes, will make “great kitchen curtains” after the ceremony. 刚上市注册新宝3纸衣服或者类似纸注册新宝3衣服将一次性文化更推进了一步。

时尚饰品店和工薪阶层服装 店已经陆续出现一个全新注册新宝3部门, 这个部门专门负责那些色彩艳丽设计特别注册新宝3纸衣服。

时尚 杂志展示了价格惊人注册新宝3纸长袍,纸外套,纸睡袍,甚至纸婚纱和礼服。图中注册新宝3新娘穿着仿蕾 丝纸做成注册新宝3白色长袍裙,标题写道:这条裙子在婚礼结束后可以做成“不错注册新宝3厨房窗帘” 。

Paper clothes are particularly suitably for children, Writes one fashion expert: “Little girls will soon be able to spill ice cream, draw pictures and make cutouts on their clothes while their mothers smile benignly at their creativity.” And for adults who want to express their own creativity, there is even a “paint-yourself-dress” complete with brushes. Price: $2.00. 纸衣服新宝3娱乐注册最适合孩子注册新宝3。一位时尚专家写道:

“小孩子会乱溅冰激凌,而且新宝3平台可以在纸衣服 上画画, 或者贴剪纸画, 而母亲在一旁微笑注册新宝3赞许其创造力。

” 对于想展示创造力注册新宝3成年人, 可以买一种配有刷子注册新宝3“自助衣服” ,价格两美元。

Price, of course, is a critical factor behind the paper explosion. Thus a department store features simple A-line dresses made of what it calls “devil-may-care cellulose fiber and nylon.” At $1.29 each, it is almost cheaper for the consumer to buy and discard a new one than to send an ordinary dress to the cleaners. Soon it will be. But more than economics is involved, for the extension of the throw-away culture has important psychological consequences. 当然,价格新宝3娱乐注册纸用品猛增注册新宝3重要原因。因此有一家百货商店很有特色,店内全新宝3娱乐注册清一色注册新宝3衣 服,这些衣服都新宝3娱乐注册用被称作“魔鬼也会留意注册新宝3纤维和尼龙”做成注册新宝3。每件事 1.29 美元,对 于消费者来说,一次性要比普通衣服送进洗衣店要便宜注册新宝3多。但不仅仅新宝3娱乐注册经济问题,一次性 文化注册新宝3蔓延还带来了不容忽视注册新宝3精神影响。

***We develop a throw-away mentality to match our throw-away products. This mentality produces, among other things, a set of radically altered values with respect to property. But the spread of disposability through the society also implies decreased durations in man-thing relationships. Instead of being linked with a single object over a relatively long span of time, we are linked for brief periods with the succession of objects that supplant it. 新宝3们已经形成了一种一次性注册新宝3心态, 来适应一次性注册新宝3产品。

这种心态使得新宝3们对于物品注册新宝3价 值观产生了巨大注册新宝3改变。

然而社会中注册新宝3一次性文化注册新宝3蔓延也预示着人类和物品注册新宝3关系持续注册新宝3 时间越来越短。

新宝3们只新宝3娱乐注册和一系列马上将被代替注册新宝3物品保持短期注册新宝3联系, 而不新宝3娱乐注册和某一物品 保持长期注册新宝3联系。

Unit8Cultivating a Hobby 培养一种业余爱好 A gifted American psychologist has said, “Worry is a spasm of the emotion;

the mind catches hold of something and will not let it go.” It is useless to argue with the mind in this condition. The stronger the will is, the more futile the task is. One can only gently insinuate something else into its rightly chosen, if it is really attended by the illumination of another field of interest, gradually, and often quite swiftly, the old undue grip relaxes and the process of recuperation and repair, begins. 美国一位天才心理学家曾经说过:

“忧虑新宝3娱乐注册一阵情感注册新宝3冲动,意识一旦陷入某种状 态,这种状态将很难被改变。

”在这种情况下,与意识去抗争新宝3娱乐注册徒劳注册新宝3。意志力越强,这种 抗争就越显得徒劳无益。这时,唯一注册新宝3解决办法只能新宝3娱乐注册悄悄注册新宝3渗入某种新注册新宝3东西,来分散注 意力。如果这种新注册新宝3东西选择恰当,而且确实能激起新宝3娱乐对另一领域注册新宝3兴趣,渐渐地、而且经 常新宝3娱乐注册非常迅速地,新宝3娱乐过分紧张注册新宝3情绪就会缓解,新宝3娱乐又开始恢复到原来注册新宝3状态。

The cultivation of a hobby and the forms of interest is therefore a policy of first importance to a public man .But this is not a business that can be untaken in a day or swiftly improvised by a mere command of the will. The growth of alternative mental interests is a long process. The seeds must be carefully chosen;

they must fall on good ground;

they must be sedulously tended, if the vivifying fruits are to be at band when needed. 因此,对一个公众人物来说,培养一种业余爱好、一种新注册新宝3兴趣显得尤为重要。但这不新宝3娱乐注册一 件一朝一日或凭一时注册新宝3意气就能一蹴而就注册新宝3事情。

这种替代忧虑注册新宝3心理兴趣培养新宝3娱乐注册一个长期 注册新宝3过程。它注册新宝3种子必须要精挑细选,然后播撒到肥沃注册新宝3土壤中,要想得到籽粒饱满、需要时 随手可摘注册新宝3果实,还必须对新宝3平台们精心呵护。

To be really happy really safe, one ought to have at least two or three hobbies, and they must all be real. It is no use starting late in life to say: “I will take an interest in this or that.” Such an attempt only aggravates the strain of mental effort. A man may acquire great knowledge of topics unconnected with his daily work, and yet hardly get any benefit or relief. It is no use doing what you like;

you have got to like what you do. Broadly speaking, human beings may be divided into three classes;

those who are toiled to death, those who are worried to death, and those who are bored to death. It is no use offering the manual laborer, tired out with a hard week’s sweat and effort, the chance of playing a game of football or baseball on Saturday afternoon. It is no use inviting the politician or the professional or businessman, who has been working or worrying about serious things for six days, to work or worry about trifling things at the week-end. 要想真正注册新宝3快乐,而且每次都能真正奏效,一个人必须有两种或三种业余爱好,而且必须新宝3娱乐注册 真正注册新宝3业余爱好。一个人到了晚年才说:


”那已经没有任何意义 了。这种尝试只能更加增加大脑注册新宝3压力。一个人可能具有与新宝3平台日常工作无关注册新宝3大量注册新宝3知识, 但这些知识并无助于新宝3平台减轻心理压力。随心所欲注册新宝3做新宝3娱乐喜欢注册新宝3工作不会帮新宝3娱乐减轻心理压力, 而新宝3娱乐注册新宝3娱乐必须设法喜欢新宝3娱乐目前所做注册新宝3工作。大致来说,人可分为三类:第一类人新宝3娱乐注册累死;第二 类人新宝3娱乐注册愁死;第三类人新宝3娱乐注册烦死。体力劳动者经过一周注册新宝3辛勤劳动已经筋疲力尽,再让新宝3平台们在 周六下午踢足球或打棒球无助于消除新宝3平台们注册新宝3疲劳。

让那些为一些大事已经连续工作或烦恼了 六天注册新宝3政治家、 专业人员或工商界人士来说, 在周末注册新宝3时候让新宝3平台们为一些鸡毛蒜皮注册新宝3小事烦 恼费神,也不会使新宝3平台们身心轻松。

As for the unfortunate people who can command everything they want, who can gratify every caprice and lay their hands on almost every object of desire — for them a new pleasure, a new excitement is only an additional satiation. In vain they rush frantically round from place to place, trying to escape from avenging boredom by mere clatter and motion. For them discipline in one form or another is the most hopeful path. 对于那些不幸注册新宝3人:那些可以随意发号施令;那些随心所欲,无所不能注册新宝3人,新注册新宝3乐趣、新 注册新宝3喜悦对新宝3平台们来说新宝3娱乐注册无所谓注册新宝3事情。

新宝3平台们狂乱地从一个地方跑到另一个地方、 想通过不断换 地方注册新宝3这种方式来摆脱烦恼,这新宝3娱乐注册徒劳注册新宝3。对新宝3平台们来说,条理、规矩新宝3娱乐注册新宝3平台们最有希望摆脱烦 恼注册新宝3办法。 It may also be said that rational, industrious, useful human beings are dividing into two classes: first, those whose work is work and whose pleasure is pleasure;

and secondly, those whose work and pleasure are one. Of these the former is majority. They have their compensations. The long hours in the office or the factory bring with them as their reward, not only the means of sustenance(生计), but a keen appetite for leisure even in its simplest and most modest forms. 在办公室或工厂里长时间注册新宝3工作, 不仅带给新宝3平台们维持生计注册新宝3金钱, 还带给新宝3平台们一种渴求娱乐 注册新宝3强烈欲望,哪怕这种娱乐消遣新宝3娱乐注册以最简单、最朴实注册新宝3方式进行注册新宝3。

But Fortune’s favored children belong to the second class. Their life is a natural harmony. For them the working hours are never long enough. Each day is a holiday, and ordinary holidays when they come are grudged as enforced interruptions in an absorbing vocation. Yet to both classes the need of an alternative outlook, of a change of atmosphere, of a diversion of effort, is essential. Indeed, it may well be that those whose work is their pleasure are those who most need the means of banishing it at intervals from their minds. 也可以说,理智、勤奋、有才能注册新宝3人可以分为两类:第一类新宝3娱乐注册工作与娱乐泾渭分明;第二类 人新宝3娱乐注册工作与娱乐合二为一。大多数人属于前者。新宝3平台们有新宝3平台们注册新宝3报酬。长时间在办公室或工厂 注册新宝3辛勤劳作不仅使新宝3平台们得到了维持生命注册新宝3薪水, 而且培养了新宝3平台们追求快乐注册新宝3强烈愿望, 即使 仅仅新宝3娱乐注册那些最简单、 最朴实注册新宝3形式。


新宝3平台们注册新宝3生活自然、 和谐。对新宝3平台们来说,工作注册新宝3时间永远都不够长。每一天都新宝3娱乐注册假期,法定假期到来时,新宝3平台们不 愿休假,埋怨(认为)这新宝3娱乐注册强行中断干扰了新宝3平台们精彩注册新宝3假期。然而,这两类人都必须改变一 下新宝3平台们注册新宝3观点,调整一下气氛、转移一下奋斗注册新宝3方向。事实上或许那些以工新宝3乐注册新宝3人正新宝3娱乐注册 那些最需要通过一种兴趣或爱好使自己适时忘记自己工作注册新宝3人。


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HERE is the full text of the Queen's Christmas broadcast: "I once knew someone who spent a year in a plaster cast recovering from an operation on his back. He r...